Critical Care Nephrology

Patients in intensive care unit (ICU) who develop acute kidney injury have increased morbidity and mortality rates, prolonged length of stay in ICU and hospital which adds to increased hospitalization costs. Mortality and
morbidity rates are even higher in patients who need renal replacement therapy.
Recent improvements in outcomes of such patients have been documented with early screening for kidney injury in high risk patients, timely involvement of Nephrologists in patient care, avoidance of nephrotoxic medications, individualized prescriptions tailored to meets patient needs and improved delivery of dialysis to such critically ill patients.
Outcomes in patients who have a critical illness associated with acute renal failure have traditionally been poor. However, recent improvements in outcomes with these patients have been documented. Much of this improvement may be due to innovations in renal replacement methods and improved delivery of dialysis to critically ill patients.

As the care of patients in the intensive care unit has become increasing complex over the past two decades, the subspecialty of critical care medicine has become important. Equally important has been the development of a subspecialty within the nephrology community with a direct interest in the innovative patient care and research protocols in caring for patients with a renal disease associated with critical illness.

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